Reginald, Reggie to his friends, started out a street orphan, his life was rough and he wanted to be tougher. One day a man was running from a really unassuming figure, he was clutching something close to his chest, he went down an alleyway to skip out on his pursuer and was so worried he didn’t notice the little boy standing in his path, tripping over him, sending his prize into a sewer nearby. Standing up and glaring at the boy, the sewer and back to the boy, the man started on Young Reginald.

“Damnit Boy! You’ve lost me the book, I’ll kill you for that!” The man cried out.

“I think you have bigger problems to worry about than some poor child” Said a chilling voice from the entrance to the alleyway.

This figure, no taller than 5’ 8", wearing a green robe, with a pair of half moon glasses slowly made her way up the alley to the man, and with a few deft motions and words trapped the mans wrists, arms, and mouth in a strange binding, and forcing him to his knees. A savage gleam in her eyes as she raises her hand, until she notices Reggie standing there, eyes wide in amazement and surprise.

“Young man, will you go fetch that book for me, I can promise a few shins for your troubles” She said, her eyes returning to her captive. “You’ll want to be quick though”

With that Reggie quickly made his way into the sewers of Qi, which is no trouble, it’s getting out which is the problem. Lit in areas by glowing moss, the sewers were filled with trash, excrement, and other detritus cast off from the city above. The book which should have been near the entrance of the sewers was nowhere to be found, so steeling himself, Reggie set off at a determined if not reckless pace down the tunnels. For what seemed like hours he was down in the sewer, searching every nook and cranny he could find with no luck, until he heard what sounded like a voice deeper in a tunnel.

“C’rathe gol skark herden” the voice said with a strange rumble. “Ygar th’orte palaex rhebu toff”

Reggie quietly edged into the opening where he heard the voice, a large room that acted as a funnel for all the refuse of the sewers was converted into some kind of makeshift home, a trash heap that could be considered a bed, a small shelf in the corner with trinkets mashed together, a table made from things best left unknown sat on an island with the water churning around it. The figure, a hulking creature with tufts of fur and scales, gnashing teeth, and sharp claws sat with the book open as if trying to read.

A few loose pieces of trash dislodged from near where Reggie was standing, making a racket and causing the Scaled Rat to look up from it’s reading. He waited for the Rat to go back to its reading before trying to sneak up on the creature, inching closer and closer to it each time it spoke, and stopping, holding his breath every time it’s ears twitched. Finally, close enough, he had an idea. He reached down into the trash strewn about and found a small handsized object and hurled it over the creature into the opposite wall. As it impacted, whatever it was activated noisily, spewing forth words and lighting up with something, enough to grab the creatures attention.

As it stood up, it’s tail whipped around and with great force knocked Reggie into a refuse heap nearby, with a snarl the creature turns back around and it’s eyes lock with Reggies, it’s teeth gleam in the sewer light and it starts stalking towards him. Reggie in a panic starts throwing things at it, trying to deter it in anyway with little effect, as it nears him, something attaches to his wrist and as he holds his hands up just as the creature is looming over him, a bright lance of energy shot forth from this device, piercing the creature through the throat, it falls over letting out a gurgling scream, clawing at itself.

“Hurry boy, grab the book, we must be off” Said a familiar voice. “Don’t worry about the creature, I’ll finish it off”

And with that she made another motion and the creatures fur ignited, causing a horrid stench, and making slow work of burning the creature and its lair. Reggie ran to the table, grabbing the book and with a spare glance at the raging inferno behind him, he left with the woman.

“You handled yourself well young man, I didn’t really think you would have survived. I’m Alexia, a Reaper…and I can vouch for you if you want to come work at the Library with me.”

Reggie nodded at that, and off they went.

[20 years later]

Reggie made it through being a protector with his friend Chris, and when the time came, he joined the Reapers, his first task as to join Chris in protecting a new librarian and his disciple, a young girl named Hermione, in their travels to a Village known as New Oldsberg to set up a library. After setting up, Chris went away for a month into the wilderness leaving Reggie behind. Not knowing how his friend was, nor if the book that was sought after, found, he left to search for both.


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